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Stem cell bank in Tamilnadu

Stem Cells are present in the Umblical Cord blood that can grow into blood vessels, organs, and tissues. The childs power lies in the Stem cells present in the Umblical Cord blood. Cord blood banking is the process of safely preserving these life saving Stem cells after childbirth which can protect the child.

Hematopoietic and Mesenchymal Stem cells has the power to heal and renew the damaged tissues and organs in the body and the researchers found that the Umblical Cord blood and cord tissue are the richest source of the Stem cells. The Stem cell has no expiry date, if it is preserved properly and it can be used anytime in the future as the need arises. Banking umbilical cord Stem cells is a once in a lifetime opportunity and hence it has to be performed right after childbirth.

For Stem cell banking, you have two main options:

• The baby's cord blood can be donated to the needy persons
• The baby's cord blood can be preserved by paying to the Stem cell bank for the family's future use

Stem cells are characterized into two types

The ability of Self renewal
The ability to change into specialized cells called Differentiation

Embryonic Stem Cells: These cells are obtained by the inner mass of Blastocyst and it can be differentiated into all types of specialized cells in the body.

Tissue Stem Cells
Tissue Stem cells can grow, heal and replace the worn out cells. eg, muscles, bone and blood, nervous syStem and skin.

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Cells from a person is Genetically reprogrammed and the modified cells begin to gain the ability to self renew and differentiate like Embryonic Stem cells.

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