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Donor sperm program in tamilnadu

At Sakthi Fertility clinic, we can assist people requiring Donated sperm to fulfil their desire for a family. A Donor Sperm Program involves the use of sperms that have not come from the husband/male partner, for the infertility treatment procedures like IUI or IVF. We have recruited Donors in Coimbatore and other area Sperms Donors in India who have been counselled and agreed to the relevant state legislation that covers the creation of a child and family. All of the Sperm Donors undergo a process of medical assessments, infectious and genetic screening and counseling. During counseling our Sperm Donors and their partners consider the Legal, Ethical and Psychosocial implications of donation with guidance from our accredited fertility counselors.

Prior to Sperm donation, the Donor need to undergo an extensive screening procedure where he will be tested Medically, Genetically and Psychologically to make sure that sperms extracted from him can result in a healthy off spring. Mostly the Donors are selected from higher education students.

A man can donate sperms if he

• Is healthy, within the age group of 21 to 45
• Have a good sperm count and motility rate
• Does not have any Sexually Transmitted diseases or Genetic disorders
• Is free from addictions like drugs, etc,

However, the Sperm Donors may be judged on some other aspects as well like height, weight, built and complexion, their religions, education, family background, medical history and sexual history.

Types of Sperm Donors

The known Donors
The person who are generally the relatives of the husband/male partner, whom the couple would like to donate sperms for their infertility treatment cycles. In this way, both parents can have Biological connections with the baby. Before proceeding the Donor progra, our fertility specialists will clarify all of the couple's options and discuss the entire process with the Donor. Moreover, if the parents want the baby may know about his/ her Biological father. But, this entirely depends upon the couple's choice. The Donor sperms can be used for Artificial Insemination or IVF/ICSI.

The Anonymous Donors
Here both the potential parents and the Donor do not know each other. An anonymous sperm Donor is arranged for those couple who does not want to relate their future child with his/her Biological father. In this scenario, the probable parents just come to know about the Donor's physical traits, religion, race, education, medical history and family background. Demographic information of the Donor including hair color, race, height, education, and a career history is also available. On the other hand, the Donor also gives up all his claims on the child born from his Donated sperms.

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