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Sexual Hygiene is important for both of the partners. It allows you to feel fresh, attractive, and more at ease in your intimate relationship. It also prevents from developing infections and illnesses and bad odors.

Menstruation is a time when women are highly prone to get infected. During the period of menstrual cycle, the cervix which is usually blocked by mucous opens up to allow the blood to flow out of the body and this causes more risk for infection. Hence it is important to maintain a hygienic menstrual routine.
• Always Wash hands after coming from the washroom, or changing the tampons or sanitary napkins
• Keep your birth canal clean and avoid using soaps or shampoos
• Do not skip a bath during menstrual cycle
• Avoid tight clothes during bleeding
• Change the tampons or the napkins often during your period of menstrual cycle
• Do not use a tampon unless you have your period

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