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obstetrics and gynaecology

Being a best fertility centre, it is needless to say that we also offer excellent Obstetric care services ranging from routine to high risk antenatal care. With a good back up from the Fetal medicine and Neonatology departments, we can assure a safe transit for your baby from the womb to the world outside, so that you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy, delivery and post delivery period.
The common Gynaecological problems we cater to include Adolescent Gynaec problems (PCOD, Irregular bleeding), Abnormal uterine bleeding, Ovarian cysts, Fibroid, Endometriosis, Pelvic infections, Prolapsed uterus, Urinary problems like Incontinence, Premenopausal & Menopausal complaints

• Diagnosis and confirmation of pregnancy

Provide Antenatal care : Explain the details about

      • Antenatal check up
      • Immunization
      • Antenatal exercise
      • Antenatal diet

• Conduct normal delivery/assist normal delivery
• To diagnose and manage complicated pregnancies
• To perform Cesarean section when needed
• To diagnose Ectopic pregnancy and their management
• To provide Postnatal care: explain the details about following cares
• Postnatal exercise
• Postnatal diet
• Baby care
• Breast feeding techniques
• Advised to use Contraceptives(intra uterine devices) because of birth control, this is the concept of limiting the size of families by measures designed to prevent conception, controls reproduction
• Immunization

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