Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Dysfunction

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Female sexual dysfunction treatment

Female Sexual Dysfunction occurs when a woman is not able to fully, pleasurably experience some all physical and emotional responses that she thinks about herself. Every woman will be differed in their sexual interest, response and expression. A woman's feelings about sexuality can change according to the circumstances and stages of her life. Women can also experience a variety of sexual problems, such as lack of desire, difficulty in becoming aroused, and difficulty in having an orgasm or pain during sex. When a physical or emotional problem associated with sex persists, it's time to contact a health care professional.

Common symptoms of Female Sexual Problems
• Reduced Libido in Women
• Decreased Sex Drive in Female
• Sexual Dissatisfaction in Women
• Problems With Orgasm
• Pain During Sex

The reasons behind Sexual Dysfunction are both physical and psychological factors.

Reduced Libido in Women:

Loss of desire, or lack of sex drive, affects some women at some times of life, such as during pregnancy, after having a baby, or times of stress. But some women experience it all the time.

A lack of sex drive can have a range of physical or psychological causes, including:

• Relationship problems
• Depression
• Previous mental or physical trauma
• Tiredness
• Hormone disorders
• Excessive Alcohol and drug use
• Certain medications

Decreased Sex Drive in Female:

Sex drive reduced due to reduced testosterone level. If there is problem in ovaries & adrenal gland, the testosterone level can drop.

Problems with Orgasm :

These can be divided into two types:

• Primary – when a woman has never had an orgasm
• Secondary – when a woman has had an orgasm in the past, but can't now

Some women don't need to have an orgasm to enjoy sex, but an inability to reach orgasm can be a problem for some women and their partners.

Reasons why a woman can't have an orgasm can include:

• fear or lack of knowledge about sex
• being unable to "let go"
• not enough effective stimulation
• relationship problems
• mood disorders – such as depression
• previous traumatic sexual experience

Psychosexual therapy helps woman to overcome orgasm problems. It helps to explore her feelings about sex, her relationship and herself.

Pain during sex

Pain during sex (dyspareunia) due to Vaginismus.

Muscles in or around the vagina go into spasm, makes sexual intercourse painful or impossible. It can be very upsetting and distressing.

• Vaginal trauma such as childbirth or an episiotomy
• Relationship problems
• Fear of pregnancy
• Painful conditions of the vagina and the surrounding area

It can be treated by focusing on sex education, counseling and using vaginal trainers, also known as vaginal dilators.

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