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In the course of IVF treatment, some patients will create more Embryos i.e. Fertilized egg than they actually need. Those extra Embryos are made to be frozen and preserved to transfer later but sometimes those Embryos are not used by the patient if they have a successful Pregnancy. The patient has the option of donating their extra Embryos to another couple. The Donated Embryos are transferred into the recipient Women's Uterus to facilitate Pregnancy and childbirth. The resulting child will be considered as the child of Women who carries till delivery. It enhances the chances of Pregnancy for those Women who have multiple failed IVF cycles. As a recipient of Embryo donation, the mother creates the bond between mother and child from the very beginning and the mother can experience the wonders of motherhood. Sakthi Fertility centre is one of the best fertility centre in Coimbatore providing Embryo Donation Program in Udumalpet, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

Embryo Donations are required by Women and couples for many reasons, including:

• Infertility problems which are incurable for both partners
• Untreatable infertility of a single Woman
• Repeated Pregnancy loss in the IVF cycles with their own Embryo
• Genetic disorders in one or both partners

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