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Our Egg Donation program at Sakthi Fertility locates and screens Egg Donors who can provide healthy eggs for Women who are unable to conceive due to advanced ovarian age, Elevated FSH, multiple failed IVF attempts, or Premature Ovarian Failure. Deciding to be a recipient of Egg Donation is an effective method of Conception that helps you to be fully involved in the development of a child from the moment of her Conception. Receiving Egg Donation allows and gives the opportunity for both intended parents to be completely engaged in the entire process of bringing a child into this world together. Our fertility specialists will plan the entire process with you and your spouse in order to help you manage the required procedure, so that you will have the most positive and exciting experience that every mother deserves.

As a recipient of Egg Donation, the mother creates the bond between mother and child from the very beginning and the mother can experience the wonders of motherhood. Choosing Egg Donor is a unique method to choose the characteristics of the Donor, which may allow the couples to find an Egg Donor whose attributes are very similar to them. As a recipient, you will be giving the foetus an environment that you know and trust for its growth. Recipient can be confident that the initial procedure will result in a healthy newborn that will enter their family like a shining beacon of light. Last but not least, Egg Donation often results in multiple Embryos that can be used in the future if you decide to have another child, which makes the entire process a lot shorter and easier for you and your family. The decision to use Donor Eggs can be an emotionally difficult decision for couples to make. Sakthi Fertility and Test Tube Baby Center understands how to work closely with couples and their donor to prepare for a successful Pregnancy.

The Donor's ovaries are stimulated with fertility medications to produce multiple eggs in a single cycle. The Eggs are retrieved from the Ovaries and is known as Follicular Aspiration. It's a surgical procedure performed with anesthesia. Your doctor will use an ultrasound guided needle through your Vagina into your ovary and into an Egg-Containing Follicle. Suction of eggs and fluid out of each Follicle through the needle. After the eggs are retrieved, they are thoroughly evaluated by an Embryologist. The next step is to get these eggs fertilized by sperms that may be extracted from the husband/male partner or that comes from the Sperm Bank (Donated sperm). The sperm is then placed along with the egg or injected into it.

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