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Your Guide to plan a visit to Sakthi Fertility for Infertility Treatment

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Getting treated in a hospital away from your home and loved ones can sometimes turn out to be an experience which exhausts you to the core in terms of physical movement and emotional mindset. It also makes you worried about the procedures and the paperwork you need to take care of in case of being a medical tourist. We at Sakthi Fertility, take care of every aspect of the treatment starting from pre visit consult through telemedicine, your travel, your accommodation, counseling, treatments, post discharge doubts and care, etc with utmost precision. Hence we are well pioneered in catering services to patient from all over the world from Srilanka, Nepal, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, United kingdom, USA and Germany.

You should keep in mind some basic steps which would guide you through the process of medical tourism and ensure a safe healing experience.

We aim to educate our patients to the maximum level about our hospital, doctors and range of services with the help of this website and our Sakthi Fertility youtube channel. We also wish to answer all your doubts regarding your choice of hospital and why should you choose Sakthi Fertility as your medical destination in India. Before taking a decision, take your own time, to study more about us and our services and facilities, so you can be assured that you receive what you are seeking. Certain tests will be repeated as per Sakthi Fertility policy, three months prior to the treatment, listed below.

(i) HIV
(ii) Hepatitis B
(iii) Hepatitis C
(iv) One Semen Analysis

(i) HIV
(ii) Hepatitis
(iii) Rubella
(iv) Varicella
(v) Oestrogen, Progesterone, Prolactin, Luteinising Hormone, Follicle Stimulating Hormone
(vi) Ultrasound pelvis
(vii) Hysterosalpingogram
(viii) Anti Mullerian Hormone

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