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asisted Hatching in tamilnadu

Assisted Hatching is an advanced new scientific technique found for Women who have failed IVF or have a poor Prognosis for IVF; your doctor may recommend a technique known as Assisted Hatching. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) failure in couples causes frustrating experience and the failure may occur due to implantation failure of Embryos in the Uterus. But Assisted Hatching may not benefit all IVF patients. Assisted Hatching is suited for patients over 35 years of age. Laser Assisted Hatching is recommended for the patients who have Low Prognosis. Sakthi Fertility is the first centre which avails with the laser Assisted Hatching technique in Udumalpet, Coimbatore, and Tamilnadu, India. Low-Dose Steroids and Antibiotics are given during the treatment of Assisted Hatching. Laser Assisted Hatching technique at low cost in India.

Assisted Hatching is weakening the layer of proteins of Embryo known as the Zona Pellucida by Laser Technology to enhance the chances of implantation of Embryos to the uterine wall. Assisted Hatching is often done along with IVF/ICSI. In Assisted Hatching, the Embryologists uses Micromanipulation under a Microscope to create a small hole in the Zona Pellucida using an acidified solution. The Embryos are then washed to remove any excess acidic solution and returned to the incubator for a few hours before transfer into the Uterus.

assisted Hatching in tamilnadu

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